Liquid Death painted Tony Hawk's blood onto limited-edition skateboards

Brand is selling 100 decks infused with the skating legend's hemoglobin and DNA

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Aug 24, 2021

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Can Liquid Death’s marketing get any weirder? We’ve seen zombie infomercials, morbid plushies, and now, the eco-conscious canned water brand is putting Tony Hawk’s blood on skateboards.

Today, Liquid announced a line of limited-edition skateboards infused with The Birdman's red stuff. The brand drew blood from Hawk (with the help of a phlebotomist) and then mixed it into paint adorning 100 Hawk blood decks, which it’s selling for $500 each.

Liquid Death Tony Hawk Board

Portions of the proceeds will be donated to anti-plastic non-profit 5 Gyres and Hawks’ own organization, The Skatepark Project, which creates safe and inclusive skateparks for underserved communities. 

Andy Pearson, VP of creative at Liquid Death, says that the idea is “sort of a commentary on a brand ambassador. If he’s a brand ambassador, we own him really, so what can we do with that? That’s where the blood idea came from.”

Who owns whom may be up for debate, given that Hawk was one of the investors in the Liquid Death’s latest round of funding.  Pearson says the brand had connected previously with Hawk through its own support of pro skaters.

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The blood idea may also be a logical next step for a company known for putting unusual demands on its fans—Liquid Death also has its own “country club” that people can join by for the modest fee of their soul. Actor Joe Manganiello is one famous member of the group that’s now nearly 200,000-strong.

tony hawk board liquid death

Those who purchase a Liquid Death board will also receive a notarized copy of a letter written by Hawk attesting that his blood is indeed on it. The brand developed the skateboard idea with agency Humanaut. The deck design was created by Will Carsola of Adult Swim’s “Mr. Pickles” fame. Carsola was also the director the brand’s recent horror movie, “Dead Till Death,” which is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

“Our whole thing is creating culture,” Pearson says. “For anyone that grew up watching Tony Hawk, it will be really cool to literally get a piece of his DNA. I think a lot of people are going to be stoked about it.”

Update: Liquid Death reached out to inform us that the Hawk Blood skateboards sold out within 20 minutes of the drop this morning.