Liquid Death is sending a witch to the Super Bowl

Canned water brand roots for the underdog with 'cursed' stunt

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Jan 28, 2022

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Eco-friendly canned water brand Liquid Death is getting in on the Big Game. But it’s not running an ad in the Super Bowl. Rather, it’s sending a witch to Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium. 

As an underdog brand, Liquid Death is backing whoever the underdog team will be on Super Bowl Sunday. It’s placing a $50,000 bet on that team via Caesars Sportsbook, and to help sway the odds in its favor, the brand has hired a professional witch to cast spells to help propel that team to victory. 

Liquid Death debuted a video today announcing that it is the first brand to bet on the game. “And to make sure our team wins, we’re going to cheat,” the film says. It then gives a peek at the witch, their face hidden from view. The company is not revealing the identity of the witch for safety reasons, a brand spokesperson said. But we do know that the witch has been practicing their craft for more than four decades.

According to the brand's VP of creative, Andy Pearson, the witch will be somewhere in SoFi Stadium for the game's entirety, casting their spells. The brand will likely be sharing how and if those spells worked on social media on game day.

If Liquid Death’s team wins, the brand will donate half of its loot to help kill plastic pollution.

The Super Bowl campaign is just the latest in the brand’s outrageous stunts. Previously, it put skateboard icon Tony Hawk’s blood on a line of limited-edition skateboards, made a horror movie, and promoted its product as the ideal bongwater.