Liquid Death goes dance-pop for third collection of ‘Greatest Hates’

Tony Hawk, Mark McGrath sing songs inspired by unfavorable reviews

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Jun 28, 2023
Liquid Death branded record

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Liquid Death’s third album—“Greatest Hates Volume III”—continues the water brand’s unique skill of celebrating lacerating comments from the Internet.  

Only this time, the brand does so to the sound of 80s dance pop.

Artists including Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray), Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance) and Jen Razavi (The Bombpops) as well as guests such as Tony Hawk, contribute to the 10-track collection, available to stream on Spotify and YouTube.

They sing verbatim comments plucked from product reviews and the brand’s social media accounts, with track titles like “Worst Name for a Water Company,” “You Deserve Your Mouth P*ssed In,” “This Is Very Demonic,” “Rather Cut My Own D*ck Off,” and “F*ck Whoever Started This.”

“F*ck Whoever Started This” inspired an over-the-top video in which dancing Puritans tie a pizza deliveryman and a can of Liquid Death to a stake.

The effort was created in-house.