This musical extravaganza promotes a deodorant that promises to remove the stink from your pits and even your privates

Ad from Harmon Brothers sings the praises of Lume brand

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Dec 05, 2019

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Harmon Brothers, the agency behind Squatty Potty and Poo-Pourri scatological hits, is taking on all forms of body stink in new work for natural deodorant Lume, billed as “the only deodorant for everyone’s everything.”

The three-minute-plus musical digital and social video breaks with category tradition in a few ways, including using a lead actress with a French accent (an odd choice given France’s reputation for under-indexing on deodorant use). 

The ad takes on conventional rivals, billing Lume as having “no aluminum, no baking soda and no anthrax” (with legal disclaimer to deny any implication rivals do have anthrax). But it also takes on natural competitors, citing research that Lume lasts six times longer than Unilever’s Schmidt’s and Procter & Gamble Co.’s Native. 

Perhaps the most curious revelation of the ad is that it says Lume “controls odor below the belt” or “anywhere that starts with a P.” It was developed by OB/GYN Shannon Klingman, originally on a quest to combat “feminine odor” but now billed in the ad as good for fighting “funky junk” and odor beneath “man boobs” or any body crevice where flatulent bacteria hide and cause odors. It bills itself as a "pre-odorant" the neutralizes bacteria and is made from essential oils and other naturally derived ingredients. 

The ad is a follow up to a release last year from Harmon Brothers that has had more than 70 million views. A spokesman says Lume sales have reached $30 million.


Dec 05, 2019
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