Annie's Recreates the Marshmallow Experiment, With Mac & Cheese

Muhtayzik-Hoffer Asks Kids to Choose Between Eating Now, or Waiting 10 Minutes To Try Something Better

Published On
Nov 11, 2013

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Remember the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment? The series of studies, which took place in the 1960s and 1970s, tested delayed gratification by offering kids the choice between getting one small treat immediately, or two treats awarded after a few minutes.

Annie's recreates the famous study, by putting a slice of pizza and a bowl of gooey, yummy mac and cheese in front of little kids, and telling them that if they wait 10 minutes, they wouldn't have to choose between the two, and have the best of both worlds -- with a large Annie's Mac and Cheese Pizza that they could have their fill of.

The two minute film doesn't just provide some insight into child psychology -- but plenty of laughs as well, as kids try their best not to touch the food in front of them, in anticipation of what they might be able to dive into if they just wait. If only waiting wasn't this hard...


Nov 11, 2013
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Annie's Homegrown
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Annie's Homegrown
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John Matejczyk
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Michelle Spear
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Eric Noren
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Molly Hayes
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John Matejczyk
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Michelle Spear
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John Matejczyk
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Matt O'Donnell
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Adrian Hernandez
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Dave Burghardt
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Eric Pascua
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Jon Ettinger
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Kristen Jenkins
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One Union
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Joaby Deal
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Musync Proliferate
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Josh Bogdan
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Tony Zimney
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Courtney Lovell
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Kashmir Hyder

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