Women reject age stereotypes in Maltesers' comedic ads

Two new spots continue 'Look on the Lighter Side' campaign by AMV BBDO

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Jun 27, 2022

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A new series of commercials from Mars Wrigley chocolate brand Maltesers shows women rejecting stereotypes about their age or life status—such as whether older women are allowed to have sex, or if it's OK to ask a young single woman outright about her love life.

The U.K. TV work continues the brand's "Look on the lighter side" campaign by AMV BBDO, which aims to deal with taboos and stereotypes in a light-hearted way (previous topics have included disability, maternal mental health and the menopause). In one spot, a middle-aged dad introduces his grandmother’s date as a “companion” to the rest of the family, but Grandma isn’t having any of it. “He calls us that because he doesn’t want to imagine us getting it on," she explains.

Another spot features a young woman whose aunt asks her, “How’s your love life?” She responds “Good, thanks. Yours? Uncle David keeping you satisfied?” The aunt looks taken aback, but ultimately appreciates the humor of the situation.



In crafting the campaign, which was directed by Sebastian Thiel at MindsEye, AMV BBDO spoke to groups of women who volunteered real stories about themselves.

“There’s a constant pressure on women to hit certain milestones at certain times," explained Ellyse O’Connor, Europe regional brand and content manager at Maltesers, in a statement. "Get engaged, buy a house, have kids, take up needlepoint. But there’s no ‘right’ way to go through life, so let’s celebrate women who reject the status quo, live life at their own pace—and do it with a sense of humor.”

The TV ads will be accompanied by social, radio and out-of-home elements, running throughout this year.