Manscaped finds an amusing visual metaphor for when guys get a little too hairy

Pereira O’Dell campaign ‘The Boys’ addresses the issue of men’s nether regions in a TV-safe way

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Mar 07, 2024
A man walking on a beach with two smaller men near his groin who have full heads of hair and beards

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Personifying testicles will never not be funny.

This was true in the famous underwear campaign from Australia about a decade ago, and it’s true in Manscaped’s new TV spot from Pereira O’Dell, which depicts a man’s unshaved nether regions as a pair of very hairy little men.

In the 45-second cut below, “The Boys” (which is the name of the campaign as well) cause our protagonist a lot of problems, particularly at a wedding, where they seem very itchy and uncomfortable. 

But thanks to the brand’s Lawn Mower 5.0 Ultra groin and body hair trimmer (yes, that’s the actual product name), our hero can enjoy a carefree (i.e., hair-free) future.


An accompanying AR filter on TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram shows users what their own “boys” would look like, in various Manscaped styles.

Manscaped said the new campaign is both practical and purpose driven—allowing the brand to talk about men’s nether regions in a TV-safe way, while also using humor to break down some of the taboos around male groin grooming.

“At Manscaped, we believe it’s time to normalize open conversations about personal care, especially when it comes to grooming below the waist. Both the campaign and the AR filter drive home the idea that grooming can be expressive, fun and even interactive,” said Marcelo Kertesz, chief marketing officer.

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Jason Apaliski, executive creative director at Pereira O’Dell, said the visual metaphor is “so disarmingly dumb you can’t help but smile. It’s so insightful and yet so relatable. Hopefully it inspires men to give their boys the love they deserve.”

"This commercial is actually a love story. Between a man and his boys,” added Julie Rutigliano and Fernando “Bisnaga” Passos, creative directors. “Let’s hope after seeing it, nobody will look at men, or groin grooming, the same way again.”


Mar 07, 2024
Client :
Agency :
Pereira O'Dell
Chief Marketing Officer :
Marcelo Kertesz
VP of Integrated Creative :
Henry Arlander
Executive Creative Director :
Charlie Wolff
Executive Producer :
Keith Cecere
SVP Global Omnichannel Marketing :
Ryan Fiore
Senior Director Brand Marketing :
Jessica Carlson
Post-Producer :
Greg Brecher
Art Director Motion Graphics :
Edgar Mendez
Motion Designer :
Ryan Sabo
Senior Manager PMO :
Lizzie Correia
Project Manager :
Brittany Kelley
Senior Director Communications :
Allison Frazier
Co-founder/Creative Chairman :
PJ Pereira
Chief Creative Officer :
Rob Lambrechts
Executive Creative Director :
Jason Apaliski
Executive Creative Director :
Juliana Constantino
Creative Director :
Julie Rutigliano
Creative Director :
Fernando Passos
Sr. Copywriter :
Sophia Held
Sr. Art Director :
Lily Ramos
Sr. Art Director :
Thomas Hinkamp
Head of Art :
Eduardo Gomes
Director of Integrated Production :
Darbi Fretwell
Executive Producer :
Anthony Nelson
President :
Natalie Nymark
Director of Brand Management :
Erin Shanahan
Brand Supervisor :
Olivia Ison
Group Strategy Director :
Ray Yoes
Director of Connections :
Neil Sawhney
Director of Social :
Kate Wadkins
Social Strategy Supervisor :
Haley Carter
Production Company :
Ruckus Films
Director :
JJ Adler
DP :
Damien Acevedo
Producer :
Franny Freiberger
Service Company :
Editorial :
Cut & Run
Yours Truly Kevin
Music :
Quiet City
Mix :
Lime Studios
Color :
Social :
Current Studios

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