You Can Smell the Old Spice All Over These Weird Love Stories

Brand Debuts Strange Tales of Romance Just in Time for Valentine's Da

Published On
Feb 09, 2018

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In time for Valentine's Day, Old Spice has debuted a pair of strange love tales. Continuing the Francophile vibe of its previous ad, one spot inspired by French nouveau cinema depicts a man and woman in a grown-up game of Marco Polo--but instead, they call back and forth to each other using the words "Old" and "Spice."

Another ad sees the couple at a masquerade ball, the woman intrigued by the man's lush hair as she lifts a mask off his face, only to find bizarre layers underneath--like other masks, cucumbers and googly eyes.

Steve Rogers of Biscuit directed both spots, which promote Old Spice's new Red Collection and its suite of premium scents and products.