Love it or Hate it, Now Marmite Easter Egg?

Salty Spread's Latest Spin-Off Is Dividing Opinion

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Jan 26, 2015

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Marmite, the foodstuff Brits either love or hate, is launching an Easter egg this year -- and no, it's not the internet kind. According to its Twitter feed, the Unilever-owned brand will debut a Marmite-flavored chocolate egg next month. Unilever teamed up with a novelty chocolate maker, Kinnerton, to create the novelty product, which is promised to combine the saltiness of Marmite with the sweetness of chocolate. It's also launching an Easter egg based on its instant noodle product Pot Noodle, a long time cheap-and-savory favorite of students. Both products are priced at five pounds (about US $7.50).

The launch is already dividing opinion in the U.K. (as was surely the intention); tweets include "I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth...yet I'm still intrigued?" as well as "This is just wrong!"

Yet, with the country up in arms about Cadbury's decision to replace the chocolate in its Creme Egg with American milk chocolate, full marks to Unilever for generating some positive headlines.

We wonder, however, ultimately, what the reaction will be to the new special flavor -- and if it will be anything like tourists' reactions to Pizza Hut Australia's introduction of its new pie variety, featuring fellow yeast spread product Vegemite.