This campaign leverages blockchain to help marry same-sex couples around the world

Digital platform from Swedish retailer Bjorn Borg allows people to store their vows even if it's illegal in their country

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Jun 12, 2018

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Same-sex marriage is stil illegal in the majority of the world's countries. But a new initiative from Swedish sports fashion brand Bjorn Borg is inviting same-sex couples from all over the world to get married "digitally," using blockchain.

Via agency Nord DDB, it's created "Marriage Unblocked," a digital platform where everyone can propose, exchange vows and get married on the blockchain, either anonymously or publicly. The platform allows them to store vows forever on Etherum blockchain and get a certificate of the digital marriage.

While the FAQs on the site stress that the marriage is symbolic, rather than legal, the idea is that people can "use it to send out a loud and clear message to open up marriages for everyone."

And--if the marriage doesn't work out, you can always get divorced, simply by rewriting the vows on the platform.


Jun 12, 2018
Brand :
Bjorn Borg
Chief Creative Officer :
Andreas Dahlqvist
Creative :
Fredrik Simonsson
Art Director :
Ida Jonsson
Art Director/Blockchain Expert :
Tove Andersson
Art Director :
Anna Salonen
Copywriter :
Martin Lundgren
Account Director :
Hanna Ternström
Account Manager :
Victor Forsberg
PR Director :
Susanne Johansson
Social Media Manager :
Robin Löthberg
Creative Designer :
Sebastian Reinbring
UX Designer :
Felipe Fiuza
UX Designer :
Joanna Johansson
Production :
Director :
Haris Badic
Editor :
Haris Badic
Editor :
Robert Eskekärr
Grade :
Robert Eskekärr
Online :
Robert Eskekärr
Producer :
Tomas Wall
Post Producer :
Tomas Wall
Director, Photography :
Georg Bungard
Cinematographer :
Lionel Cabrera
Photography :
Eric Josjö
Photography :
Sderberg Agentur
Retoucher :
Anders Wadin
Front-End :
Lead Developer :
Marcus Forsberg
Front-End Developer :
Marc Biskop
Front-End Developer :
Rickard Lundén
Back-End :
Chief Executive Offier/Co-Founder :
Thomas Backlund
COO/Co-Founder :
Carl Gärdsell
Director, Marketing :
Jonas Lindberg Nyvagn
Brand Marketing Manager :
Johanna Juhlin
In House Manager :
Madeleine Almgren
In House Manager :
Ã…sa Scherman
PR and Social Media Manager :
Emma Bengtsson
Agency :
Nord DDB

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