McDonald’s ads poke fun at those who are ‘too cool’ to eat there

A goth, an intellectual and a fashionista wouldn’t be caught dead eating McDonald’s. Or would they?

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Jan 27, 2023

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Are some people just too cool for McDonald’s?

Amusing new ads for the fast-food chain, from TBWA\Latvia, suggest maybe so—at least, at first glance. But as the spots proceed, it becomes clear no one can truly resist the allure of the Golden Arches. The mix of good food and great prices will break down even the most resistant souls in the end.

The work nicely leans into a cultural truth you’d expect the brand to want to ignore—that McDonald’s really isn’t very cool. Acknowledging that builds a level of trust and likeability, and the arch copywriting helps, too. (Our favorite lines here: “Concentrate, Wilhelm. McDonald's won't give you answers to the meaning of life, but it sure could make it a tiny bit more enjoyable.”)


“We decided to use an audience that is typically not a McDonald’s target,” the agency said. “We picked characters who are—on paper—too cool for their own good to be seen with a burger. But the force is and always has been strong with the Golden Arches. The value offer of this campaign was very appealing, both price- and product-wise. With the working title ‘Poker Faces,’ the creative stories evolve around three hard-nosed, stiff-upper-lip folks getting through the impossible struggle. And quite a fight it is.”

The work will run in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


Jan 27, 2023
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