McDonald's anti-litter campaign styles trash cans like burgers

Ads for Belgian market contain beautifully lit and retouched items with names like 'Bin Royal' and 'Big Bin'

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May 10, 2022

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McDonald's is making a point about litter in a new campaign from Belgium that styles trash cans like some of its hero menu items.

Outdoor ads created by TBWA/Belgium focus on the lids of the receptacles, photographed in close up as if they were burgers, with names such as Big Bin, Bin Royal and Bin Deluxe. McDonald's commissioned its permanent food photographers, Studio Wauters, to make them look as appetizing as burgers, using the kind of lighting and retouching normally used to make the food items looks good.

“As a big brand we know about our responsibility and the impact we do have when it comes to the challenges of litter on streets”, said Philipp Wachholz, chief marketing officer at McDonald’'s Belgium, in a statement. "Our campaign is supposed to raise the awareness for and also attractiveness of using bins. We pass on that serious message still with a typical McDonald’s twinkle in the eye.”

"We want to make trash bins as popular as the burgers,” added Jeremie Goldwasser, creative director at TBWA/Belgium. "We then applied the typical copywriting and design expertise to the bins, resulting in appetizing design and quirky names such as the Big Bin, the Bin Deluxe and the Bin Royal.”

The campaign is running to May 24 on more than 1500 poster sites in Belgium, as well as online and in restaurants.

It's not the first campaign to acknowledge the role McDonald's packaging plays in litter; a campaign from Nord DDB in Scandinavia has also highlighted the issue, with billboards showing close-ups of McDonald's takeaway bags and containers around the streets of Oslo.

McDonald's - Bin Deluxe


McDonald's - Big Bin