McDonald's is the best chaser in these nightlife-themed ads

Nord DDB campaign for Swedish market targets bars and nightclubs

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Jan 27, 2022

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A long night on the dance floor can often lead to a severe case of the munchies—nothing feels better than filling up on fast food to sober up before bed.

That's the premise of McDonald's clever new print ads, which target nightlife revelers where you're likely to find them—at the bottom of their cocktail glasses.

With the help of agency Nord DDB, McDonald’s Sweden hit the club scene with a series of well-placed, humorous posters shot by photographer Alexander Crispin. Each one depicts a juicy burger and delectable side of fries through the bottom of a glass, swirled with the remnants of an alcoholic beverage, like the last foam bubbles of a beer or the lemon wedge and ice of a vodka soda.

The ads have no branding besides the chain's iconic french fry packaging. Each feature the tagline, "The first order after the last order."


McDonald's Chaser


“We know our guests appreciate when our ads tag into human behavior,” said Staffan Ekstam, marketing director at McDonald’s Sweden, in a statement. “And the great idea of grabbing a Big Mac on your way home after a night out is something everyone can relate to.”

The ads ran in print in carefully chosen locations close to Swedish bars and nightclubs.

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