McDonald’s eaters are chased down for their burgers in wild new spot from France

TBWA\Paris and director Tom Kuntz frame the food as newly irresistible, with chain evolving its food-prep processes

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Feb 06, 2024
A woman looking angry as she runs away with a burger

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McDonald’s France has announced changes to the preparation processes of its burgers, including the Big Mac, Double Cheese and Royal Deluxe. They include more melted cheese, the beef now cooked with onions, warmer bread and more sauce in the Big Mac.

The result, the fast-food chain says, is even more delicious burgers. To communicate this, TBWA\Paris brought in director Tom Kuntz to direct a series of good old-fashioned chase scenes, where McDonald’s burger eaters are hounded for their grub—and must flee on foot for safer terrain.


The comedy here rests on upending the relationship between pursuer and pursued, beginning with the amusing moment near the beginning where the robbers start chasing the cops.

“Hotter, juicier, tastier. Our best burgers ever,” says the onscreen text at the end.


Feb 06, 2024
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Jean Guillaume Bertola
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Vanessa Sales
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Clémentine Tesseidre Dalou
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Manon Roudier
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Margaux Wanin
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Head of Strategic Planning :
Celine Mazza
Head of TV :
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Benoit Duchemin
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Tom Kuntz
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Elise Gamboa
Head of Music and Sound :
Olivier Lefebvre
Music :
Thomas Jacquet
Sound Director :
Fabrice Pouvreau

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