McDonald’s uses paper bag art in campaign for home delivery

Julie Wilkinson, a professional paper artist, crafted Nord DDB’s latest campaign in Norway

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Dec 15, 2023
A McDonald's paper bag designed to look like a house with the line "Order in"

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McDonald’s Norway brings a real arts-and-crafts feel to its new campaign promoting home delivery.

Professional paper artist Julie Wilkinson of Makerie Studio worked with agency Nord DDB to design a McDonald’s takeaway bag to look like an apartment building. The resulting bag was shot by photographer Catharina Caprino.

The ads promote home delivery through Foodora—pitching the home as a third option for eating McDonald’s, after in-restaurant and drive-through. 

McDonald's bag-art ad on an outdoor poster

“The craft needed to complement the idea without overtaking it. We aimed to maintain the right equilibrium, ensuring the McDelivery bag was recognizable as a building while retaining its iconic appearance," said the Nord DDB creatives in press materials.

Closeup of McDonald's bag-art ad