This tech brand changed its logo to be more mindful of the coronavirus epidemic

Agency Gut replaced mark's handshake with a fistbump

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Mar 18, 2020

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Latin American technology company Mercado Libre’s logo features the image of a handshake—not the ideal symbol for these times, given that the coronavirus epidemic is mandating social distancing around the world. So agency GUT Buenos Aires reworked the company’s mark to include an elbow bump instead, in an effort to communicate the importance of keeping safe during the pandemic. Since Friday, the brand has been featuring the new logo in all its messaging, from Linkedin to e-commerce. 

“Changing our iconic logo from a handshake to an elbow bump is part of these new habits that we try to promote because we are convinced that together we can help collaborate with this problem.”said Mercado Libre Branding Director Louise McKerrow in a statement. 

“A strong and clear image is what is needed to make the world aware of the importance of individual actions to ensure the common good,” added GUT Executive Creative Directors Ramiro Gamallo and Matias Lafalla.

Coincidentally, Slovenia-based creative Jure Torvrljan also took it upon himself to help other companies out and remade logos of famous brands from Mastercard to Starbucks to address the pandemic.