McDonald's Charming Ad Shows the Rewards of Riding in the Dreaded Middle Seat

DDB New Zealand Taps Into a Familiar Experience

Published On
Mar 09, 2017

Editor's Pick

In a charming spot from New Zealand, McDonald's beautifully captures what it's like to be the person in the family who's always forced to squeeze into the middle seat of the car.

The ad, created by DDB New Zealand and directed by Scoundrel's Tim Bullock, tells the story of a little girl who, as the baby of the family, always finds herself wedged there, sometimes between her two boisterous, rugby-playing older brothers, sometimes between dogs, plants and even her grandparents.

However, there's finally a silver lining when the family pull up at a drive-thru McDonald's, and the takeout bag gets placed in the middle of the front seats -- so she's the first to be able to sneak a fry. The soundtrack is -- well, obviously -- "Stuck in the Middle With You," by Stealers Wheel.

Jo Mitchell, McDonald's New Zealand director of marketing, said in a statement that this campaign is about fostering an emotional connection with the brand. "For many families Macca's Drive-Thru is part of a family ritual, and it's great to celebrate a feel-good moment when putting up with the often dreaded middle seat."