Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s snarky shopkeepers decide if your day’s been hard enough to earn one

Slapstick ads from VCCP are set in a convenience store where customers must earn their reward

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May 07, 2024

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The patrons of this convenience store have had a hard day—and that’s before they meet Hank and Joel.

In a new campaign, the pair of snarky shopkeepers closely guard the Mike’s Hard Lemonade cooler, making certain that customers ordering a six-pack of Mike’s have had a hard enough day to deserve it.

The details of the customer’s bad day are then revealed in over-the-top physical comedy. In one, a school mascot is blindsided by a football player. Another shows a deliveryman chased through a fence by a tiny dog. In a third, a kitten knocks a fireman off a ladder. These misadventures earn their sufferers Mike’s, but none of them leave the store without more merciless teasing from Hank and Joel.


The “Hard Days Deserve a Hard Lemonade” campaign, from agency VCCP, recognizes the 25th anniversary of the hard lemonade brand, owned by Mark Anthony Brands. The ads will run across social, OLV, CTV, OOH and linear this summer.

“We imagined our brand gatekeepers, Hank and Joel, in a universally familiar place, a neighborhood convenience store, and cast them as judges of people’s hard days, “ Eimear Gorman, director, U.S development brands for Mark Anthony, said in an email. “For them, like us, rewarding hard-earned thirst is serious business.”

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May 07, 2024
Client :
Mike's Hard Lemonade
Agency :
Global Chief Marketing Officer :
Isabelle Sakai
Director of Development :
Eimear Gorey
Head of Brand :
Emma McLaughlin
Director Brand Marketing & Commercialization :
Stately Jukes
Head of Consumer Connections Hub :
Lena Lewis
Senior Manager :
Molly Coyle
Brand Manager :
Ben Sommer
Media Manager :
Jenna Spadafora
Social Media Specialist :
Kali Casper
Chief Creative Officer :
Jed Grossman
Global Chief Creative Officer :
Darren Bailes
Chief Strategic Officer :
Jonny Shaw
Head of Planning :
Ross Cameron
Group Chief Executive Officer :
Julian Douglas
Head of Account Management :
Jordan Wood
Managing Partner :
Philip Higham
Global Client Lead :
Philip Higham
Group Creative Director :
Gianmaria Schonlieb
Group Creative Director :
Zoe Bell
Senior Creative :
Chris Hodgkiss
Senior Creative :
Pip Bishop
Creative :
Sean Condrick
Creative :
Michelle Greeley
Account Director :
Xi Chen
Account Supervisor :
Katie Nichols
Business Director :
Myles Cryan
Senior Account Director :
Rufus Knight-Jacobs
Executive Producer :
Jessica Ambrose
Creative Producer :
Jermaine Bossman
Strategy Director :
Luke Alexander-Grose
Brand Strategist :
Marianne Bellorin
Senior Strategist :
Courtney Wong
Design Director :
John Olson
Designer :
Julia Halasz
Project Director :
Giselle Sambrook-Smith
Project Director :
Amanda Rackley
Director of Business Affairs :
Cara Orlowski
Business Affairs Manager :
Ricky Meyer
Production :
Director :
The Perlorian Brothers
President/Executive Producer :
David Zander
Sr. Executive Producer :
Eriks Krumins
Producer :
Ed Callaghan
Director of Photography :
Trent Opaloch
Production Designer :
Caitlin Byrnes
Editorial Company :
Hutch Co
Editor :
Jim Hutchins
Socials Editor :
Andy Oleck
EP :
Jane Hutchins
VFX Company :
Jamm VFX
Creative Director :
Alvin Cruz
Shoot Supervisor :
Mike Wigart
Flame Lead :
Tim Robbins
Flame Artist :
Nathan Hurlburt
Nuke Artist :
Elijah Gray
CG Artist :
Connie Ho
CG Artist :
Jaguar Lee
CG Artist :
Ana Blanco
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Elyse Resseguie
Producer :
Scott Boyajan
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Asher Edwards
Mix/Sound Design :
Alt Mix
Audio Post Production :
Alt Mix
Sound Design/Mix :
Cory Melious
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Simone Gurren
Color :
Company 3
Colorist :
Sofie Borup
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Shannen Troup
Paid Social Music :
Beacon Street Studios
Composer/Partner :
Andrew Feltenstein
Composer/Partner :
John Nau
Composer/Partner :
Danny Dunlap
Leslie DiLullo
Producer :
Julia Giambona
Media Agency :
Haworth Media
Director Strategy :
Melissa Winnig
Vice President Strategy :
Lisa Blevins
Director Digital Direct :
Amanda Pederson
Director Platform Investment Social :
Brad Dick

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