Miller Lite made a ‘Beercracker,’ a modified nutcracker that opens bottles and cans

The maker of ‘Beernaments’ and the ‘Christmas Tree Keg Stand’ is back with more holiday cheer

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Nov 29, 2023
Product shot of the Beercracker next to a bottle and a can of Miller Lite

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The ratio of people who open beers at the holidays to those who crack nuts must be pretty high. It’s only logical, then, that Miller Lite has made a Beercracker to crack open those cold ones—in its latest bit of holiday innovation.

At first glance, the Beercracker may look like your standard Nutcracker. But look closer and you’ll see details like barley boots, a pilsner foam cape and hop leaf buttons. The Beercracker also doesn’t discriminate between bottles and cans—you can open the former with the dude’s mouth, and the latter with his hat.

Beginning today, you can purchase the Beercracker for $29.95 while supplies last at Miller Lite’s online store (or here if you live in Canada). More will be made available tomorrow and Friday.

GIF showing the Miller Lite Beercracker in action

Miller Lite has gotten festive in the past few years with other wacky holiday products, such as “Beernaments” for your tree and last year’s “Christmas Tree Keg Stand.” 

“The holiday season is one of our favorite ways to showcase what Miller Time means. It’s all about bringing friends and family together to celebrate good times and holiday traditions with the great taste of Miller Lite,” said Ann Legan, VP of marketing for Miller Lite. “Last year we introduced the Miller Lite Christmas Tree Keg Stand, which worked as a fully functional keg. The year before, we introduced Beernaments, which hold your can while hanging on your tree. So taking the classic nutcracker and turning it into a Beercracker just made sense as the latest holiday item for Miller Lite to put their Miller Time twist on.”

Miller Lite Beercracker standing alone

You can shop Miller Lite’s whole holiday collection as its website as well.