This moist Netflix billboard lets Chris Hemsworth fans feel his sweat

OOH campaign targets selfie-takers rather than employing typical billboard placement

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Jun 27, 2023

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For those whose lifelong dream is to feel the warm moisture of Chris Hemsworth’s perspiration, the day has come. To promote the actor’s streaming film “Extraction 2,” Netflix erected billboards that drip beads of water meant to imitate sweat for selfie-takers to pose with.

“Action so intense our billboards sweat,” reads the billboard next to Hemsworth’s face, dripping blood with the image of an exploding helicopter in the background.

Created with agency Omelet, the out-of-home ads feature small holes connected to a collection of tubes that slowly push water through Hemsworth’s embattled visage. Rather than the typical billboard placed above roadways or on out-of-reach surfaces to grab broad attention, the billboards were placed at street level in New York and Los Angeles so that passersby could physically touch the beads of sweat and pose for pictures.

“Extraction 2” is an extreme action flick in the vein of “The Bourne Identity” franchise, about a heavily armed commando taking on a series of life-or-death encounters. It was released on Netflix on June 16, scoring 42.8 million views in its first week per Netflix’s global Top 10 chart.