Molson Coors taps renowned mathematician to answer 'world's dumbest math problem'

Brand once again works with Mischief to poke fun at competitors

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Feb 10, 2022

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As AB InBev attempts to build buzz this week about its zero-carb beer Bud Light Next, competitor Molson Coors is trying to shift the conversation to one about calories.

A new ad from Mischief plugs the brewer’s Miller64 beer, which has 64 calories, by featuring renowned mathematician Ken Ono answering the simple question—which is less 80 (Bud Light Next’s calories), or 64? (Miller64 has 2.4 grams of carbs).

His reaction to the question makes the ad's point. 

"Nobody ever told you that in order to watch your calorie intake you’d have to do so much math," said Kevin Mulroy, ECD and partner at Mischief, in a statement. "So we thought we could help by hiring one of the world’s most brilliant mathematicians to do that part for you. It turns out the slightly more difficult thing for a beer ad to solve is your relationship with truth or objective reality."

Previously, Molson Coors tapped Mischief for a Miller Genuine Draft campaign poking fun at competitors with a "launch" of its own seltzer—all the way into outer space.