Molson tracked down its own vintage jerseys to give away after they began trending

Drake wore an old ‘Canadian’ baseball jersey in NYC a month ago—now, they’re being packaged in cases of beer around Toronto

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Aug 16, 2023
The vintage Molson Canadian baseball jersey

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Molson is getting fashion forward by traveling decades into the past.

Back in July, Drake was spotted wearing a 1990s-era Molson Canadian baseball jersey, a look that immediately ignited interest from fans. As they debated where to find the item, Molson agency Rethink began scouring resale sites and picking up all the jerseys it could find.

Then, the brewer packaged three of them inside specially marked cases of beer and distributed them around Toronto. To find the special packs, fans were directed to follow @molsoncanadian on Instagram and keep an eye out for the phrase “Jersey Drop” for hints about the location of the cases.

A vintage Molson Canadian jersey and specially marked case of beer

The speed of the turnaround was unique, said Caroline Friesen, partner and creative director at Rethink. “From tracking down the jerseys right as demand for them started heating up, to cutting the video in record time, to getting the jerseys out the door, and enlisting brand ambassadors to help tell the story—this was a rapid, all-hands-on-deck project where trust and collaboration are required to it pull off properly,” she said.

Here’s the video element of the campaign:


“Our mesh navy jersey has recently been popping up all over social feeds, so it felt like the right time to bring one of our OG styles back as vintage fashion continues to trend,” said Sophia Lal, senior brand manager, Molson and Miller Trademarks. “This vintage find is giving people nostalgia for beer-branded merch from our cases back in the day, and we wanted to get them in fans’ hands as soon as we could.”

The stunt follows Molson’s release of a new brand campaign from Rethink, themed “Everyone In,” which broke in April.

Below is one of the jersey winners, from Brampton, Ontario.

Photo one of the jersey winners, from Brampton, Ontario, holding the winning case