See Mtn Dew's full 'Joy of Painting' episode showing Bob Ross creating a bottle of the soda

The full-length 'lost episode' of the old school art series debuted on YouTube this weekend

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Mar 08, 2021

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Earlier this month, Mtn Dew debuted a teaser announcing it had brought back famed TV painter Bob Ross for yet another episode of his popular "Joy of Painting" series. A short video that ran on social media and YouTube showed Ross adding a bottle of Dew to one of his landscapes, after which he proceeded to pull it out of the painting and drink it.

This weekend, Mtn Dew rand TBWA/Chiat/Day N.Y. released the full-length episode on YouTube depicting Ross creating a wintry, nature-themed work and then incorporating a chilled bottle of Dew into the scene. Here, however, he doesn’t down it. 

The “lost episode” extends for more than 40 minutes, with the Mtn Dew instruction beginning about 27 minutes in. For those who want to try it out at home, the YouTube post also includes all materials needed to create the artwork. 

The campaign also included limited-edition Bob Ross paint kits that were given away on social through TikTok influencers after the episode premiered on YouTube on Saturday. There was also a virtual charity auction that let fans big on the Bob Ross-inspired artwork from the TV commercials, with proceeds going to a nonprofit approved by The Bob Ross company.