Mucinex's minimalist ads aim to relay facts and tamp down fear

McCann tapped illustrator Noma Barr on the campaign's striking visuals

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Mar 24, 2020

Editor's Pick

Mucinex is a brand we typically associate with goofy, gooey Mr. Mucus, but the company got a bit more serious with this coronavirus push featuring striking visuals from illustrator Noma Barr. 

The “Spread Facts, Not Fear” campaign from McCann New York and McCann Health seeks to squelch misinformation that exacerbates people's anxiety while directing them to reliable sources to better help them navigate the current crisis.

Illustrator Barr is known for cleverly communicating multiple messages through a single graphic. In his art for this campaign, for example, the notches on a tape measure are also human figures spaced apart, while a pair of shaking hands double as a giant X.

Along with encouraging safe habits, the ads direct consumers to an informational site,, which compiles up-to-date information from the World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins and other medical experts. 

The campaign is running across social, print and out-of-home.