Explore Terry Crews' Pecs With a Ridiculous Old Spice Video Game

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Jun 30, 2015
Muscle Surprise

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Old Spice's collaborations with Terry Crews continue, and in the latest, an online video game called Muscle Surprise, you can "explore" the various muscles in Crews' body to see more zany video clips and animations.

Click on each muscle in turn to see an animated tiger try to find a home there, watch popcorn pour out of his pecs and see Crews play various characters including his Mom, Dad and a doctor. You'll get a different sequence of events depending on how you click. It's pointless, ridiculous fun.


Jun 30, 2015
Agency :
Wieden & Kennedy-Portland
Brand :
Old Spice
Client :
Old Spice
Executive Creative Director :
Mark Fitzloff
Executive Creative Director :
Joe Staples
Creative Director :
Craig Allen
Creative Director :
Jason Bagley
Copywriter :
Jarrod Higgins
Copywriter :
Andy Laugenour
Copywriter :
Ansel Wallenfang
Director, Interactive Production :
Mike Davidson
Interactive Producer :
Eddye Borgese
Interactive Producer :
Amy Marsh
Interactive Strategy :
Michael Holz
Social Strategy :
Danny Schotthoefer
Media/Comms Planning :
Lisa Feldhusen
Media/Comms Planning :
AJ Blumenthal
Media/Comms Planning :
Mary OMalley
Business Affairs :
Cindy Lewellen
Production Company :
Director :
Tom Rijpert
Director, Photography :
Michael G. Wilson
Executive Creative Director :
Jeroen van der Meer
Partner and Executive Producer :
Joris Pol
Film Producer :
Nell Jordan
Post Production Producer :
Marloes de Rijke
Senior Producer :
Tim Ruiters
Creative Lead :
Nicolas Mollien
UX Lead :
Martin Kool
Animation Director :
Pierre Nelwan
3D Supervisor :
Aljen Hoekstra
Head of Sound :
Maarten Meussen

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