John Krasinksi Produces Bud Light Comedy Shorts On YouTube

Brand Was Inspired By 'Hold My Beer And Watch This' Internet meme

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Dec 03, 2013

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Bud Light is entering the world of branded content with a series of YouTube comedy shorts written and produced by John Krasinski of The Office, inspired by the "Hold my beer and watch this" Internet meme. Aimed at making the brand more relevant and contemporary, they share a quirky humor: a grandma faking her own death at her 100th birthday party, a barbecue that turns into a time tunnel and a guy that grows muscles after doing a few pressups to impress a girl. Krasinski and his business partner Danny Stessen produced the campaign, helped by the four cast members of the videos, who include Krasinksi's former Office castmates Dan Gill and Barak Hardley. Bryan Buckley of Hungry Man directs.