Old Spice Invites You to Control a 'Live Human' for Three Days on Twitch

If Only BK's Subservient Chicken Had Such a Platform

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Apr 13, 2015

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Old Spice and Wieden & Kennedy, Portland seem to be taking a (modern, updated) page out of Burger King's Subservient Chicken playbook with this new campaign that invites Twitch viewers to control a "live human" for three days over the video game viewing platform. From April 16-18, the brand will debut "Old Spice Nature Adventure," and will be placing a mysterious "Nature Man" in "the bounteous grandeur of nature," where he'll be "contractually obligated to do everything you, and millions of other Internet users, tell him to do," the campaign site says.

According to the agency, the effort is the first-ever crowd-sourced gaming experience by a non-videogame brand on Twitch.

Twitch is a platform where gamers can go to watch others in realtime play videogames, mostly, but some have turned it into a forum for broadcasting other things live, like playing old-school board games, for example. Viewers are able to make comments as they watch, with the potential of influencing what happens.

Old Spice is turning Twitch into an advertising playground, and consumers can use the chat feature to command "Nature Man" to do whatever they want him to in a forest. It's up to the viewers' creativity to drive the adventure that unfolds. As suggested by Old Spice, perhaps he can "give that antelope a massage," or "eat strange berries." We personally would love to see him swimming with the beavers or cuddling with a raccoon next to a campfire.

Old Spice doesn't want the experience to distract "from the fact that this is a professional advertising stunt introducing the new Old Spice Fresher Collection, no matter how glorious the scenery is."


Apr 13, 2015
Brand :
Old Spice
Client :
Old Spice
Director :
Billy Rainey
Executive Producer :
Candice Dragonas
Executive Producer :
Derek Richmond
Line Producer :
Jason Baum
Production Supervisor :
Rose Krane
Co-Founder/Executive Producer :
Kerstin Emhoff
Head of Production :
Tracy Hauser
Animatronics :
Animatronics :
1st Assistant Director :
Joe Osborne
2nd Assistant Director :
Vicki Goldsmith
Stylist :
Elise Velasco
Location Manager :
Jesse Rivard
Gang Boss :
Terrance Martin
Production Company :
Interactive Production Company :
Interactive Director :
Eli Stonberg
Interactive Director :
Jeff Greco
Design :
Dave Dawson
Editor :
Jaren Lopez
Moderator :
Kimberly Crespin
Moderator :
Jordan Newman
Streaming Event Services :
Location Connect
Executive Producer :
Timothy Peters
Producer :
Alexander Pournelle
Associate Producer :
Peter Palm
Agency :
Wieden & Kennedy-Portland

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