Silk shows how neighbors can share from a socially acceptable distance

A carton of almond milk gets a special ride in a spot featuring the director’s family 

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May 08, 2020

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Silk Almondmilk goes on a wild ride in a spot that shows how sharing among neighbors can still happen during a pandemic.

The “Neighbors Are Still Neighbors” ad depicts a boy setting a carton of Silk into his baseball mitt, making sure it’s snug before it takes off on a ride on the back of a speedy remote-controlled toy truck. It drives along the empty road and sidewalk, through a puddle, past the dog, and over a bump in the sidewalk that seems destined to loosen the Almondmilk from the grip of the mitt.  Finally, it arrives at the home of his neighbor, who takes the Silk and returns the favor—with a plate of cookies.

The spot was created out of agency Lightning Orchard and directed by Max Malkin of Prettybird. With a traditional story arc, it offers a break from the numerous montage spots during the coronavirus pandemic. Yet it employs some of the resourceful workarounds we've seen in recent weeks. Malkin tapped his son to play the lead and his wife to be the neighbor. The family's dog and home also appear in the ad.

"More than people want to hear another brand's homily that we're in crisis—we get it, brands—people want to feel normal,” Jeff Kling, founder and chief creative officer of Lightning Orchard, said in a statement. “We hope to contribute to that.”

The 30-second spot, which is set to air on TV and online, was shot at the end of April. Like other shoots happening during the pandemic, this one came together quickly, going from concept to finished product in seven business days.

Silk has been “truly inspired by all the unique, creative ways that neighbors are showing they care from a safe social distance,” Andrew Hartshorn, senior VP of marketing, plant-based food & beverages for Silk, said in a statement. He added that as people are cooking and baking at home, “Silk Almondmilk is the perfect complement to your favorite comfort foods.”