NerdWallet’s mini-musical, set in 2074, offers comic financial warnings from future you

Deutsch LA campaign, directed by Jim Jenkins, time-travels to when millennials and Gen Zers will be elderly

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Jan 03, 2024
An elderly man snarling at the camera

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You’ve got the next 50 years to make the right financial choices. But will you?

Deutsch LA’s new campaign for NerdWallet features an amusing short musical in which millennials and Gen Z are presented with “future you”—the you of 2074—who outline their myriad financial regrets in song. They’re particularly pissed off at you for not making the right choices early in life, when you had the chance. And now they’re stuck working into their old age, and haven’t enjoyed their golden years at all.

The musical was directed by Jim Jenkins.


Bitterness is a tricky tone to pull off in advertising, but this work threads the needle nicely and is based on a real insight—with 86% of Americans in a recent Harris poll saying there is some financial action they wish they would’ve taken sooner in life. 

There are also nice details throughout—the futuristic video screens, the guy’s random little dance at 1:07—that keep things from feeling too bleak. It’s also nice to see the older ensemble cast in action, including Susan Berger of “Jury Duty” and Patricia Belcher of “Community,” even if the grumpiness sometimes veers into old-person caricature territory.

The spot broke on Christmas Day during NFL and NBA games and will continue to run across broadcast, OTT digital and social channels. It’s supported by a selection of shorter ads.


Jan 03, 2024
Client :
Agency :
Deutsch LA
VP Brand Marketing :
Alison McGlone
Senior Director Brand Creative :
Rob Nikzad
Director Brand Marketing :
Erin Albertson
Manager Brand Marketing :
Dayna Garwacki
Creative Director Brand Creative :
Chloe Dalby
Manager Content Strategy :
Justin Sanders
Co-Chief Creative Officer :
Ryan Lehr
Creative Director :
Carly Blitz
Creative Director :
Max Pollack
Sr. Copywriter :
Bryce Pangman
Sr. Art Director :
Chad Corbin
EVP Head of Production :
Diego de la Maza
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Maddie Gorman
VP Music Director :
Chip Herter
Music Supervisor :
Will Eichler
Music Coordinator :
Sacha Garcia
EVP Managing Director :
Adam Graves
Account Supervisor :
Carol Carlos
Account Executive :
Emilia Mancuso
SVP Group Strategy Director :
Amanda Shapiro
Strategy Director :
Erin Schlissel
Executive Business Affairs Manager :
Biba Glaser
Business Affairs Manager :
Miranda Baylor
VP Corporate Communications Lead :
Camila Crews
Production :
O Positive
Director :
Jim Jenkins
Executive Producer :
Ralph Laucella
Executive Producer :
Marc Grill
Executive Producer :
Ken Licata
Head of Production :
Devon Clark
Producer :
Philip Fyfe
Edit :
Whitehouse Post
Editor :
Brian Gannon
Assistant Editor :
Lauren Jansen
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Katrina Kuss
Producer :
Lynne Mannino
EP :
Joanna Manning
Finishing/VFX Production :
VFX Supervisor/Creative Lead :
Nathan Kane
Creative Lead :
Tony Petitti
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Adam Deutsch
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Ashley Thomas
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Dan Adams
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Eric Schrecongost
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Nora Brosnan
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Will Jellicorse
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Senior Colorist :
Mark Gethin
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Taylor Pool
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Greer Bratschie
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Executive Creative Director :
Tim Kvasnosky
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Annick Mayer
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Stone Irr
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Kriston Poindexter
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Amanda Green
Mix :
Executive Producer :
Susie Boyajan
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Cassie Underwood
Mix & Sound Design :
Matt Miller
Audio Assistant :
Ian Connie

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