The 'Queer Eye' guys critique BoJack Horseman in new Netflix campaign

New ads imagine what happens when streaming giant's characters connect

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Mar 12, 2019

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Bart Simpson prank calls Jack Bauer, “The X-Files” meets “Cops." And then, there’s the “Wreck-It Ralph,” films, in which the beloved denizens of the digital world co-exist in one big universe. Now, Netflix is playing the crossover game in a new campaign that imagines what happens when characters from its original programming come together.

Each of the films, running on YouTube, opens with the introductory line, "Meanwhile, Inside Your Netflix." A musician then strikes the brand's distinctive mnemonic on a timpani, and we're then welcomed into a stylish lounge decked out in the brand’s signature red and white. There, we're privy to the delightful chit chat that ensues when characters like the animated BoJack Horseman, the “Queer Eye” Fab Five, Kimmy Gibbler of “Fuller House” and Nicole Byer of “Nailed It” hang out.

In one film (above), we see the angsty Horseman get critiqued by the Queer Eye guys. “What I see is someone who is more man than horse, who is longing to be more horse than man,” observes Karamo Brown.

Another ad depicts Hasan Minhaj of "Patriot Act" questioning Horseman’s choice of attire (If he lives in Southern California, why the sweater under the blazer?) as well as his whole being (“If you’re a horse, why don’t you have a tail?”).

Horseman starts getting inquisitive too, and asks “Fuller House” character Kimmy Gibbler about her lighthearted show’s “dark premise”:

And then, the typically bubbly Nicole Byer deflates after the “Orange Is the New Black” crew tells her she totally failed to nail it on her cake creation. 

Now we're waiting anxiously to see what other characters will cross paths. Perhaps Marie Kondo will work her magic on The Upside Down?