Netflix's 'Squid Game' billboard wants to keep you alive

Streaming platform changed the message of its marquee in L.A. to a 'life-saving' PSA

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Oct 07, 2021

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Last week, Netflix unveiled a brand marquee overlooking the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Its first message was an inspirational reminder for viewers to hang in there and hold fast to their dreams, citing the streaming giant’s humble origins of DVDs by mail. 

Yesterday, the brand changed up the billboard with a more cautionary line—“Remember: Red Light Means Stop.” It’s a reference of course, to the brand’s wildly popular show “Squid Game,” the Korean series about everyday folks competing to win billions by playing childhood games with a morbid twist. The first showdown involved a game of Red Light, Green Light. The winners not only get to make it to the next round, they also get to  (spoiler alert) not die.