From 'Tiger King' to 'Emily in Paris,' Netflix's musical number rounds up all the shows we binged in 2020

AKQA created the streaming platform's relatable end-of-year effort

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Dec 23, 2020

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As 2020 comes to a close, Netflix wraps up the year with a Broadway musical-style song about all the shows we binge-watched on its platform this year.

In its end-of-year spot, a viewer receives a message that he's "finished Netflix" and starts to reminisce back through everything he's consumed this year: from Tiger King to The Crown, the Queen's Gambit and Emily in Paris. The witty lyrics (with plenty of references to how it's been a "clusterfuck" of a year) will be relatable for any subscriber and it's a great way to revisit all that time you spend on the couch this year. 

The film was created by AKQA with music and lyrics were composed by the lead actor, New York comedy writer and producer Matt Buechele. It was directed by Nadia Lee Cohen at Anonymous Content. Netflix teased the video with a back-and-forth on social with the ad's protagonist, and it's being followed up with AR filters and music track releases.