Best of 2015 No. 3 Print/OOH/Design: Sonos' New Logo Looks Like Moving Soundwaves When You Scroll

New Visual Identity Meant to Advance Idea of Modern Music Experience

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Jan 23, 2015
New Logo

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Through New Year's, we'll be counting down the best work of the year in TV/Film/Branded Content, Print/Outdoor/Design and Interactive/Integrated (IX) as our picks of the day.

At No. 3 in Print/OOH/Design, we were blown away by Sonos' amazing new logo, which debuted in January and appears to move like soundwaves as you scroll past it online. Whether it was intentional or not, it's a remarkable demonstration of how a simple design idea can powerfully communicate a brand's platform.

Original Story:

Audio brand Sonos recently debuted its new logo, which industry watchers have observed appears to move like soundwaves when you scroll past it on the page.

Created out of Bruce Mau design, the marque places the brand's name atop a series of ray-like lines that somehow contribute to that wavy affect. The new visual identity also sees the brand name against a variety of imagery, including photos of musicians and the product itself.

According to BMD, it's all meant to advance "the idea of the modern music experience -- not singular or monolithic but a rich diversity of expressions."