Nike debuts a content series reaching out to young women of color

First episode of 'How We Do' features influencer Nella Rose and her friends trying out boxing

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Feb 14, 2023

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Nike is putting the spotlight on young women of color in the first episode of a new online content series, as the brand continues in its mission to help young people overcome barriers to participation in sports.

The campaign is designed to reach out to communities that don't traditionally see sport as being for them; one such demographic is that of young, Black women in the U.K.. The first episode, called "How we Do," is fronted by YouTuber and lifestyle influencer Nella Rose.

The film starts with Rose receiving a message from British athletics champion Dina Asher-Smith asking if she's willing to try boxing to help girls get into sport. Her first reaction is "No way," but she goes on to call her girlfriends and persuade them to give it a try, admitting that they have absolutely no experience with sports. The girlfriends meet at Dwaynamics Boxing Club in South London, where they speak to an inspirational Black Muslim coach, Steph, who, together with Asher-Smith, helps them to enjoy their experience of boxing. Afterwards, they chat online about how fun it was, and the film ends by encouraging viewers to click a link to find out other ways they can find out how to move.

The content is being posted across Nike's social channels, including Nike Women and Nike London, and includes posts supporting the girls from Asher-Smith.  It was created by Amsterdam-based agency We are Pi, whose previous work for Nike has included a docuseries that championed the role of refugees in sport