Nike unveils AFC Richmond gear to celebrate Ted Lasso season 3

The apparel collection, made with Apple TV+, includes game jerseys, T-shirts, hoodies and scarves

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Mar 16, 2023
A player modeling Nike's AFC Richmond game jersey

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Nike and Apple, both busy in the world of brand partnerships of late, have teamed for the next step in the defictionalization of Ted Lasso—unveiling a line of AFC Richmond apparel, including an official game jersey.

The collab, teased earlier this month, also includes T-shirts and hoodies as well, along with “Believe” and “Football Is Life” scarves from the Apple TV+ show.

The team’s hound crest features prominently, and the game jersey even has the Bantr logo—the fictional dating app that swooped in to sponsor the club after the Dubai Air deal collapsed. The shirts come in navy, gray, bright blue and orange. There are no player-specific jerseys yet.

A man modeling an orange AFC Richmond hoodie

A man modeling an AFC Richmond game jersey

The collab comes just weeks after Nike hooked up with Tiffany & Co. for sneakers and other merch. AFC Richmond has been busy on the collab front, too, having been integrated as a playable team inside the video game FIFA 23.

Nike and Apple’s collaborations together date back to 2006 and the Nike+iPod Sport Kit. They’ve also created a Nike version of the Apple watch, among other deals.

Ted Lasso season 3 premiered Wednesday on Apple TV+. Billboards written in Ted’s signature drawl went up on November to cheer on the U.S. World Cup team in Qatar, and Nick Mohammed, who plays Nate on the show, recently starred in an amusing short film about Apple’s steps on privacy.

AFC Richmond's hound crest

AFC Richmond's "Believe" scarf