Female NFL Fans Stay Cool in Secret's Latest 'Stress Tests'

How to Deal With Difficult Moments in the Football Season

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Jan 24, 2017

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P&G deodorant brand Secret has created some NFL-themed spots in its "Stress Tested for Women" campaign in the run-up to the Super Bowl.

Two new ads out of Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, feature female football fans in situations that demand coolness: the first, seen here, involving a Steelers fan who -- almost -- falls in love at first sight at a house party watching a game. A guy walks in and we see them size each other up in cheesy, 80s-style slo-mo. Until he takes off his jacket to reveal a Patriots jersey. That's definitely a deal breaker.

Another spot sees a woman coolly explain some of her NFL rules expertise to two male know-it-all fans, who then lamely repeat her superior knowledge.

Alice Mathias directed the spots, which were also produced through W&K.