StreetEasy Gives New Yorkers a Delightful Reminder of How Cramped Their Lives Are

It Sucks But It's Beautiful Too

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May 26, 2015
NYC Subway Domination

Editor's Pick

Real Estate StreetEasy and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners New York have scattered delightful reminders of how cramped it is to live in NYC with this delightful subway takeover. Comic-like posters illustrated by Shy the Sun along with witty copy illustrate the unique lifestyle city dwellers can relate to. Some of the best lines: "Sure, your window faces a wall, but behind that wall is New York City" and "The only bad thing about a walk-up is every single step." Decorated subway columns also illustrates the point nicely with images alone: kids reach for a cookie jar, a man showers and another chops his meal within the confines of the narrow pillars.