AR Unboxing | KATO | Oakley

The design of Oakley’s new Kato eyewear is so crazy, it needed an AR introduction.

Published On
Jun 04, 2021



To celebrate the launch of Oakley’s newest eyewear, Kato — Kamp Grizzly created a first-of-its-kind product reveal through an experience that balanced a mobile-first strategy with visceral IRL emotion.

Fifteen of Oakley’s most prominent global athletes received a mysterious package. Upon opening, they discovered an otherworldly object and were guided through an AR-enabled journey that culminated in an epic crescendo. The AR component combined a number of different applications and tools. 2D and 3D assets were created using Adobe After Effects / Illustrator / Photoshop and Maxon Cinema 4D. Once we landed the creative, the experience was uploaded to Instagram as a shareable AR filter. Deploying in IG allowed us to leverage the platform’s ubiquity, accessibility, shopability, and native sharing capabilities.