Ocean Spray tackles clown fear and marathons with a zany spin

Latest campaign from Orchard continues the brand's offbeat approach to promote 'Better for You' products

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Jan 10, 2023

Editor's Pick

Having tickled us with its surreal campaign about jiggly cranberry jelly for the holidays, Ocean Spray is back for the new year with more zany fun from Orchard Creative.

In keeping with this time of year, the new work focused on its "Better For You" line of beverages, Diet Cranberry Juice Cocktail and a new product, the Immunity Orange Mango and Revitalize Cranberry Pineapple juice drinks. But that's where the similarity with most diet and fitness campaigns ends. These two spots take the idea of having "more power" in unexpected directions. 

In one, a woman confronts her coulrophobia (fear of clowns) head on with some martial arts abuse of the clown in question (expect the circus schools to start complaining now). And in another, below, a man decides to take on a marathon with no training whatsoever. There's a lot of screaming in both, and the tagline "Yes You Cran." Both were directed by Jeff Low of Biscuit (who was also responsible for the jiggly jelly work). 

"Since time immemorial, the new year has always acted as a match strike lighting the wick of the 'new you' candle," said David Kolbusz, chief creative officer at Orchard. "But you can achieve so much more with a little support. 'Yes you Cran' is Ocean Spray's hyper-specific rallying cry, designed to let people know that the brand believes in them. That kind of relentless positivity can be the difference between conquering your fear of clown and winning a race or not."

The ads are running on across linear and streaming TV, Facebook, Instagram, programmatic vdeo and YouTube.