OK Go Gets Into Education With 'Sandbox' Project for Students

Online Portal Explains the Science Behind Some of Its Videos

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Mar 15, 2018

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OK Go, the band whose music videos like Needing/Getting, The Writing's On the Wall and This Too Shall Pass expertly blend creativity, science and technology, is bringing some of its know-how to the next generation with an educational project named "OK Go Sandbox."

The band, led by singer Damian Kulash, has developed the online portal with The University of St. Thomas's The Playful Learning Lab, to provide educators and students with "a way to engage with concepts in playful and unexpected ways." It was created after hearing from teachers who use OK Go videos to inspire students and explain concepts in their science, math, art, and music classes.

The content includes films about the creative process behind some of those videos for example, as seen here, Kulash explains how math feeds into their video "One Moment." Another film explains how the band uses sounds in their "Needing/Getting" video, while a further video explains the chain reaction machine in "This Too Shall Pass."

Created with support from Google and Morton Salt, OK Go Sandbox was formally announced this week at the National Science Teachers Association Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.