OKCupid's latest badge helps climate change advocates pair up

After letting singles show off how they feel about BLM and voting, the platform moves to the environment in time for Earth Day

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Apr 14, 2021

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Dating platform OKCupid has been distinguishing itself from the fray by allowing its users to distinguish themselves from the fray with badges representing the various causes they support, such as Black Live Matter and voting in 2020. Now, in time for Earth Day, the brand is letting its members show off their concern for planet Earth with a new climate change mark.

The brand created the new badge inspired by its own user data. When surveyed, the majority of them (97%) said they believed that climate change is real, and nine out of 10 users also said that it’s important they are matched with others who care about the planet. In terms of generations, the survey found that 83% of Gen Z and 84% of Millennials care about climate change. (See more data in the brand’s blog post, “Daters Are Hot for Climate Change Advocates.”)


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By opting to have a climate change badge on their profiles, users help the OKCupid algorithm connect them to environmentally like-minded matches. 

OKCupid is also backing up the badges with funds and will be donating $1 for each one placed to the Earth Day organization. 

Along with the badges, OKCupid has created data-driven ads that showcase how users’ stance on climate change correlates to their other beliefs or attitudes. For example, one says that daters who are concerned about climate change are “26% more likely to get the Covid vaccine” and “14% more likely to pay for guac.”

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OKCupid has provided such badges for its users since 2017, when it introduced the “IStandWithPP” (Planned Parenthood) symbol. A #RightToLove budget followed in 2018, and then, one for “Game of Thrones” fans arrived in time for the show’s final season (not co-branded with HBO). 

Users are free to have as many badges as they like, as long as those badges are active on the platform. Last year, for example, they could feature both the #BlackLivesMatter and Voter badges. Currently, the Climate Change badge is the only one live. 

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