Olivia Rodrigo’s new video was ‘Shot on iPhone’ in Apple’s latest big celeb music project

A slew of social assets point to the ‘Get Him Back!’ video, filmed by Jack Begert and Xiao ‘X’ Liu on the new iPhone 15 Pro Max

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Sep 15, 2023
Olivia Rodrigo holding a pink rose and sitting in a pit of purple rose petals

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It’s been a busy week for Apple. In addition to the two longform spots the company released at its fall event on Tuesday, the brand also unveiled a high-profile music project—working with Olivia Rodrigo to shoot the first music video from her new album on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The video itself, viewable on Vevo, doesn’t carry any Apple branding. But the company worked with TBWA\Media Arts Lab on a lot of surrounding “Shot on iPhone” promotional materials. For example, here’s a 30-second spot (which is also running as a :15 preroll in digital):


Jack Begert, the director, and Xiao “X” Liu, the cinematographer, used the upgraded features of iPhone 15 Pro Max while shooting—such as the 5x zoom Telephoto camera. “For this video, we’re doing a lot of advanced camera moves to create energy. I was impressed with the quality of the footage,” said Jack Begert, director. “Hearing about the 5x zoom on iPhone 15 Pro Max made me really excited.”

“It takes a lot of time on set to switch lenses between shots, but iPhone 15 Pro has seven lenses in one package, including a new 5x zoom on iPhone 15 Pro Max,” added Liu. “With just a few taps on the screen, I save time and get what I need in sharp resolution.”

Below are some other social assets that MAL created.


Instagram video


Instagram reel


Instagram story



Apple has collaborated with Rodrigo before—featuring the singer in an iPad campaign two years ago, connected to her song “Brutal.” Apple of course has a long history in music dating to iPod + iTunes days. Just a couple months ago, the company partnered with NewJeans, the K-pop girl band, on another “Shot on iPhone” project.