Oreo cozies up to Marmite, Papa Johns in new campaign

Social posts and digital video from Digital promote dunk partners outside of milk

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Jul 18, 2022

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Have you ever dipped your Oreo cookie into something other than milk? Mustard, maybe? Or Marmite? How about on top of a cheese pizza? 

A new campaign for the Mondelez International brand from Digitas U.K. highlights the unique ways people enjoy the chocolate wafer cookie—which may involve unexpected, head-scratching product pairings.

A series of social posts highlight Oreo alongside other popular brands—slathered with Unilever's Colman's mustard;  dipped into yeasty Marmite spread; spread across a Papa Johns pie. The campaign also includes a partnership with Ladbible, which will use its platform to help spark social media conversation with fans.





Additionally,15-second videos showcase how individuals bring a "twist" to their Oreo eating.

The first shows two people dipping their cookies into peanut butter at the exact time while on break, realizing they share the same twist.




The second features a father and daughter duo sitting casually at a table. Instead of going for a dip in the glass of milk right next to him, the father decides his Oreo would taste better with his daughter's orange juice. The final film show’s a woman who scrapes the cream off, while her friend, simply shoves the whole thing in her mouth. 


“The secret’s out. There’s a whole world of people enjoying their Oreo in weird and wonderful ways—dunking them in juice, slathering peanut butter on them, dipping them in yogurt, the list goes on,” said Emma de la Fosse, chief creative officer at Digitas U.K. “We know Brits are very specific about how they consume cookies and we used this opportunity to highlight this behavior in a way that hasn’t been done before and that resonates with OREO’s audience.”