Oreo makes kid-repellent packaging for cookie-crazed parents

The 'Thins Protection Program' tapped Green Giant, Ford, Hanes and Better Homes & Gardens to camouflage the 'ultimate cookie for adults'

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Jul 14, 2021

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There’s no worse feeling than looking forward to a sweet snack all day only to find an empty wrapper and incriminating crumbs on the kids’ faces. Parents with a cookie tooth are in luck because Oreo Thins, the self-proclaimed “ultimate cookie for adults,” has a creative solution.

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Oreo Thins has teamed with multiple brands to create the “Thins Protection Program," which consists of special-edition packaging to camouflage the treats. Better Homes & Gardens lends its classic red and white gingham pattern to disguise Oreo Thins as a cookbook.

Oreo Thins disguised as a Better Homes & Gardens cookbook

For snackers on the go, grab the Ford pack, disguised as a truck owner’s manual, to stash in the glove compartment.

Oreo Thins disguised as a Ford owner's manual

Hanes has hungry dads covered with packaging styled to look like a pack of tagless tees easily stashed in a dresser drawer.

Oreo Thins disguised as a pack of Hanes t-shirts

For those that crave a cold snack, stash Oreo Thins in the freezer with Green Giant’s riced veggies cauliflower medley design facing out to make any kid flee in horror.

Oreo Thins disguised as a package of Green Giant vegetablesIn the campaign's kick-off video, Kevin and Danielle Jonas put the special-edition packaging to the test against their sleuthing children. Try as they might to scour the kitchen shelves, the look right past the fake checkered cookbook Oreo Thins.

On Instagram and Twitter, Oreo challenges fans to share their most creative Oreo Thins hiding spots using the hashtag “THINSProtectionProgram” for a chance to win one of the special-edition packages and $25,000.

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