Oreo turns the hamburger menus on websites into promo codes

The work from VML argues the hamburger menu should be called the Oreo menu

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Apr 08, 2024
Four mobile phones with the Oreo hamburger menu (or Oreo menu) displayed

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The hamburger menu—three stacked lines that, which clicked, open up a menu of options—is ubiquitous on the internet. But Oreo wondered why it's called a hamburger menu, when it looks like a stack of Oreos—an Oreo menu.

To get consumers seeing cookies and cream rather than patties and buns, Oreo and VML have made hamburger menus into promo codes for Oreos. When consumers click on a hamburger menu to expand it, they can enter any of the tab or category names (e.g., “About,” “Contact,” “FAQ,” etc.) as promo codes for cookie offers at oreomenu.com.

Consumers will be given a digital Kroger’s coupon for Oreos. 


This isn’t the first time VML has found Oreos in unexpected places. Last year, it saw Oreos in barcodes, allowing customers to scan a milk barcode to save on milk and Oreos. In 2022, its Stuf Scan campaign encouraged sneaker heads to scan their black-and-white shoes for Oreo coupons.

But Oreo also isn’t the first brand to center a campaign around the hamburger menu. Earlier this month, McDonald’s Finland and Nord DDB made a mockumentary campaign to uncover if the creator of the hamburger menu was thinking of a McDonald’s triple-decker Big Mac.

The Oreo campaign will be supported by influencer organic content, digital and social media.