Johannes Leonardo defines 'Oscar' in new ads for Oscar Mayer

The brand continues to create moments of surprise in vignettes from a diverse group of creators

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May 24, 2021

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What does it mean to be Oscar? Earlier this year, Kraft Heinz’ Oscar Mayer set out to explore that idea in the new “Keep It Oscar” campaign, its first masterbrand push in decades. 

Created out of Johannes Leonardo, the effort aims to bring to life, in a modern way, all the qualities that have have helped to establish Oscar Mayer as an iconic brand over the years. The agency had dug into the brand's advertising history books, revisiting notable ideas such as the Weinermobile and the classic jingle, “My bologna has a first name," and discovered that what has endeared Oscar Mayer to consumers all along are the simple, unexpected moments that sparked smiles.

The new “Keep It Oscar” push aims to continue that legacy, albeit in a fresh, content-driven approach that taps the wild ideas of a group of diverse creators. 

The latest in the campaign features a trio of off-kilter films that depict oddball scenarios around deli meat. One, titled “Sandwich Bed," (above) was directed by former Giphy Art Director Kyle Sauer and shows a woman enveloped in billowy bed of bread and bologna slices. Another, called “Sandwich Ghost,” illustrates the not-so-sad fate of a sandwich after it gets devoured. That was conceived by Haitian-American animator Tracey LaGuerre, a project illustrator at Google and former Buzzfeed animator.


The third and final new ad, “Pick Me,” is a bacony "face-off" from production studio Made by Radio, which has created campaigns for Lego, Oreo and Nickelodeon. 

The "Keep it Oscar" pushed first kicked off in April with a joyous spot directed by Calmatic about a choir clad in Oscar Mayer red and yellow, repeatedly singing “Yum,” as well as another centered on a girl with laser eyes, shot by miniature model specialists Andy & Adeena, known for their work with Wes Anderson.