An Oscar-winning film sparks a boy's imagination in Google's Academy Awards ad

Brand's second spot in the show featured Netflix documentary 'My Octopus Teacher' and showed how the brand's tools enhance at-home education

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Apr 25, 2021

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The Netflix film “My Octopus Teacher” went home with the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature on Sunday. It also featured in one of Google’s Oscars ads, which illustrated how the brand helped a dad spark his son’s curiosity and excitement about learning via the help of various Google tools.

The heart-tugging spot, created out of Google Brand Studio, opens on a familiar scene from lockdown: a young boy, bored at home with nothing to do. After his father does a quick search on Google, he lands on the Netflix documentary, which then ignites his son’s interest in cephelopods. The boy shows up to his classroom Zoom room wearing an octopus costume as he tells his peers about his new favorite animal, AR lets him bring an octopus into the bathtub and onto his dad’s head, and eventually, he encounters his eight-legged buddy at the aquarium and the beach. 

The spot’s endline then reads: “Helping bring learning to life. Search on.”

Google's other Oscars spot, another emotional tale, told the story of one of its employees, a child of deaf adults, who was able to keep up communication with his parents during the pandemic thanks to Google tools like Live Caption and captioning in Google Meet.