Should This Man Be President? Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein Slow Trump Down to Make a Point

Agency Founders Put a Twist on Infamous Water Bottle Moment

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Jul 13, 2016

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It's become common practice for Donald Trump opposers to turn the presumptive Republican nominee for president against himself --- by way of his various words and actions. In one ad, for example, Republican group Our Principles PAC highlighted his pejorative comments about the opposite sex by getting real women to read back his quotes, while another ad from CHIRLA Action Fund featured Latinos turning his pejorative comments about their community into a message of empowerment.

Now, Goodby Silverstein & Partners founders Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein, along with agency audio engineer Nic Dematteo, have jumped into the ring with a new film that puts a twist on Trump's infamous water bottle moment in which he mocked former rival Marco Rubio.

The video slows down what was already a buffoonish moment, putting in even starker relief Mr. Trump's penchant for crude gestures. Atop that is a voiceover that reads, "Our president is not an entertainer, our president is not a clown. Our president is the leader of the free world, a commander-in-chief in charge of our nuclear arsenal and the living embodiment of our national character. Be sure to vote this November. History is watching."

"We wanted to put Donald Trump's antics in clear relief for all the world to see and remind them that our president is the leader of the free world, the person with a hand on the nuclear button," explained Mr. Goodby. "That person should not and cannot be Donald Trump. Just look at him."