Absolut Vodka : Outrageous

Celebrating LGBT.

Published On
Oct 26, 2011

Editor's Pick

TBWA/Chiat/Day NY and resident photographer David LaChapelle celebrate the LGBT community in a new campaign for Absolut Vodka. The post shows LGBT community representatives "coming out" of a bottle-shaped closet on a beach. The tagline reads: "Celebrating 30 years of going out and coming out," neatly tying together the campaign's theme with the idea of partying with Absolut vodka. LaChappelle shot on a beach to signify the movement from darkness to light, while the different figures in the poster give a sense of joy to the celebration. The campaign will commemorate Absolut's 30 years of involvement with the LGBT community and will run for a year, with digital and social features additions coming in the next few months.