Guinness : Paint the Town Black

Darkness descends. . .in a good way.

Published On
Aug 16, 2012

Editor's Pick

Unless you're a huge fan of Guinness, you may not know that September 27 is a very special day, Arthur's Day. Founded in 2009, it's an annual celebration for Arthur Guinness, the father of the hearty brew.

In the lead up to the event, which takes place in 55 different countries and typically features plenty of music, fireworks and drinking, Saatchi London has created a cinematic spot directed by Daniel Wolfe of Somesuch. In the film, folks of the sleepy village mysteriously cover their town with a sludgy black substance in preparation of something big to come. It's alluding, of course, to that distinctive dark stuff.

The film appears on the Guinness Facebook page and its global broadcast debut will be on August 19 in Ireland.